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Team I.R.E.P. Bio's

Justin Gauthier
Name: Justin Gauthier
Birthday: February 23, 1986
Hometown: Crown Point, NY
Current City: Plattsburgh, NY

Sport: Men’s Bodybuilding

Justin lives in upstate New York with his wife and daughter. He has been a member of the New York Army National Guard since 2004 and is currently a SGT assigned to the 2/108th Infantry 27th Division. Justin has always been an avid gym lover and after his second combat deployment he decided to step on the stage as a competitive bodybuilder. Justin is a perfect example of what athletes here at IREP look like balancing Family, Military Duties and his love for bodybuilding.

Career Highlights:
2013 OCB National Championships
-3rd Place Novice Men’s Bodybuilding
-5th Place Open Men’s Bodybuilding

2013 OCB New York State Natural
-2nd Place Novice Men’s Bodybuilding
-6th Place Open Men’s Bodybuilding

Kathleen Gauthier
My name is Kathleen Gauthier and I am 26 years old. I am a full time mother to a beautiful one year old daughter, and a devoted military wife. I own my own business as a hairstylist, and specialize in wedding and event hair and makeup. Growing up I have always been athletic, however my passion for fitness started when I joined our local gym in 2009, and it has only gone uphill from there ! My interest in competing sparked when I was doing hair and makeup for one of our local shows. Seeing all the incredible physiques and hearing everyone's journey of hard work and dedication was truly inspiring for me, and my husband as well. Last year he began training for two pro shows in the fall. Being by his side through all of his competition prep only to watch him succeed on stage was something unexplainable! I figured this spring would be my chance. I competed in the bikini fitness class on March 16th at the OCB Green Mountain Thaw in Brattleboro, VT. I took first in all three classes; as well as taking overall champion in bikini debut. I also competed on March 29th at the OCB Liberty State Natural in Syracuse, NY, and placed fourth. I am very excited to be sponsored through IREP Athletics. I have the opportunity to be a part of an amazing team, while receiving customized training to achieve my physiques full potential. Thank you so much IREP for bringing me on to your awesome team. I can't wait to see what the future holds !

Derek Fugate
Known by his fans and peers as “Dr. DEATH”, Derek Fugate competes in both RAW powerlifting (220lb Class) and bodybuilding (Heavyweight Class). Born in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky, the young ambitious Derek Fugate has gotten far with his "at-all-cost-necessary" attitude. Now, seeking specialized top-level coaching and training programs Derek has signed on with Team iRep to bring his game up to the next level. Outside of the gym and training you’ll find Derek putting on his chef hat to cook a healthy meal or lacing up his hiking boots to hit the trail.

Career Highlights:
APA Derby City Cup 2014:
-2nd Place in the RAW Jr. Class

Kentucky Natural Bodybuilding Classic 2014:
-1st Place Open Heavyweight Bodybuilding
-3rd Place Overall Bodybuilding
-2nd Place Jr. Class Bodybuilding

Daniel Woods

My name is Daniel Woods and I'm originally from Ticonderoga, New York. I am currently Active Duty in the United States Air Force stationed in Great Falls, Montana.

I began to take weight training seriously in 2011 while deployed to the Middle East. I grew up my whole life always being the small kid. Once I started seeing results I was completely hooked. I have decided that I will be separating from the military to follow my passion in becoming a personal trainer. I am a Certified Personal Trainer through International Sports Science Association, CPR and AED certified through American Heart Association, Personal Training Leader certified through the United States Air Force, and Self Aid Buddy Care First Responder certified through the United States Air Force.

There is no greater feeling than reaching goals that you once thought were impossible. I am happy to be part of team I.R.E.P. Athletics. They are helping me live my dreams and become part of something great. I love helping people reach those "impossible" goals, and getting them to realize just how strong they truly are on the inside and out.

"Second by second you lose the opportunity to become the person you want to be. When are you gonna stop making excuses and take charge of your life?"- Greg Plitt

Evan Roe

Born: September 16, 1990

Hometown: Milford, Ohio

I have a daughter named Isabella and currently works for Cintas Corporation as a truck unloader and I am looking to pursue a career in the fitness industry one day. I love the gym and love being at it 24/7. I have been lifting consistently for about 7 years. I have always looked for new goals and hot to improve in all aspects of my physical fitness. I am making the step by step progress and continuing to pursue competitions in my future.

I recently finished 3rd overall in my first show for the Men’s Physique Competition at the Kentucky Natural. A huge thanks to IREP Athletics and friends and family for all the support! I could not have done it without you guys. A special thanks to the IREP Coaches and Team IREP for all they do as I couldn’t have been more driven without you.

Chad Croteau

Chad Croteau grew up in Weare, New Hampshire. He first began lifting with his dad when he was only 12 years old. He played sports all his life including four years of collegiate football at Plymouth State University of New Hampshire. After graduating Chad took to powerlifting in order to continue competition. He now is a personal trainer and competes as a RAW powerlifting competitor (220lb Class). Chad has always been dedicated to the gym and is very excited to now be working with Team IREP to take his training to the next level. 

Career Highlights: 
-Elite Powerlifting Federation (EPF) 
-North East Powerlifting championships: 
 March 2014

-Open Class 2014 and Jr 2014 RAW best lifter
-Raw division 2014 220lb weight class first place (Men's open and Jr's) 

-August 2014
  - Open Class 2014 Raw best lifter and Mens open first place (220lbs)

Current records: 
-Squat: 625lbs (NH State Record In Comp) 
-Bench: 355lbs (PR) 
-Deadlift: 666lbs (NH State Record In Comp)

Eric Tucker: NGA PRO

I am a 34 year old Personal Trainer and Fitness Director at Concourse Athletic Club, also the owner of ETX Fitness. In my years of elementary through high school. I competed in a variety of sports; soccer, baseball, basketball, cross country, and track and field. It wasn't until 2003 when I joined a gym and began weight training for the first time. That I really developed a passion for personal training and bodybuilding. I became a NASM certified trainer in 2012, and could not wait to start helping people. Through many experiences of others and some of my own I decided to broaden my training knowledge in nutrition and corrective exercise. In 2013 I became a NASM CES specialist and received my Precision Nutrition certification. To take that even further I am currently enrolled in Life University seeking a degree in Dietetics, to be completed in 2017.

I am also proud to be a P4P Muscle Athlete, and now a member of the IREP Team.

Competition History:
2012 Nov SNBF Pro/Am Grand Finale Championship:
2nd Place Open Medium Bodybuilding
2nd Place Novice Bodybuilding

2013 April SNBF Pro/AM Championship:
4th Place Open Medium Bodybuilding

2014 June DFAC Championship:
2nd Place Open Heavyweight Bodybuilding

I am currently training for the DFAC World Finals in Miami on Nov 1 2014, and hope to get my pro-card this year.

I believe in perseverance, motivation, and the right knowledge are all you need to reach any goals no matter how tough they may seem. I also believe in the "natural way." Natural foods, natural competitions, and natural supplements are everything that I live and stand for.

Joe Manning:

I am a lifetime natural bodybuilder and co-founder of P4P Muscle INC. I have won numerous state and regional natural bodybuilding titles. I will be stretching my comfort zone in 2015 as I prepare for bigger, national level contests with the goal of winning an overall title and obtaining a natural Pro Card. I have begun following Anthony Ross's programming and am very happy with the results I am seeing. I am excited to continue to take my training to another level.