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Team IREP Application

TEAM I.R.E.P is currently collecting applications for the year. TEAM I.R.E.P  is dedicated to not only professional, collegiate and elite high school/age-groupers athletes but athletes that promote the growth of team and endurance sports in their communities. We encourage athletes that think they have what it takes to apply for the team.


Team IREP:  This is a fully sponsored team terms and services will be negotiated with athletes on an individual basis.

TEAM IREP Ambassador:  1/2 off the Tier 1 coaching price with tier 3 benefits and waive of start-up fee.  $60/month+$25 application fee

         Team IREP must also purchase IREP Gear that they will wear during/before/after events.

         Team IREP Athletes will also participate in social media blasts.

         Provide a bio including competition plans for the upcoming seasons, past competitions and finishes and a brief history for the IREP Athletics Website and provide a picture.  

When considering varying levels of athletes we look at the following criteria:
(Note: an applicant does not need to have all the criteria and may be selected on singular criteria alone)

         Race results

         Competition Category

         Race schedule (level of competition, location, volume)

         Activity in Social Media (Forum and Page Handles)

         Active and Current Blog


         Club Membership

IREP Athletes:

Justin Gauthier
Click here for Bio

Kathleen Gauthier
Click here for Bio

Derek Fugate
Click here for Bio
Daniel Woods
Click here for Bio
Evan Roe
Click here for Bio

Chad Croteau
Click here for Bio

Eric Tucker
Click here for Bio
Joe Manning
Click here for Bio
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